Winter Semester 2020/2021

Ultrafast Optical Physics I - Part II

Lecture notes

The lecture notes of the course Ultrafast Optical Physics I -  Part II held by Prof. Francesca Calegari at the University of Hamburg during the Winter Semester 2020/2021 can be found here. The file will be updated during the course.


Course schedule


6. Optical Pulse Metrology
6.1 Time-resolved measurement
6.2 Intrinsically fast detectors
6.3 Autocorrelation methods
6.4 Frequency Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) 

6. Optical Pulse Metrology 
6.4 Frequency Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) 
6.5 Spectral Phase Interferometry 

7. Short pulses at non-standard frequencies 
7.1 THz pulses
7.2 XUV pulses from High-order Harmonic Generation (HHG)