The group CFEL-ATTO is looking for highly motivated and talented persons to join our group. We offer positions at many levels of research careers, from bachelor projects to postdoctoral positions, any spontaneous application is welcome.

Every ATTOier is involved in an exciting and enjoyable scientific environment and encouraged to contribute with new ideas and smart solutions independently on her/his level of career. Our group is a good representer of the high-level, international and transversal environment provided and stimulated by the Centre of Free-Electron Science (CFEL) and, more generally, by the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) and Universität Hamburg.

Master projects

  •  Optical parametric amplification and characterization of ultrashort infrared pulses at the millijoule level

In this project, you will participate to the experimental development of an optical parametric amplifier (OPA) in which the seed pulse is created via intrapulse difference frequency generation (DFG) from a Ti:Sapphire laser, that is spectrally-broadened using a gas-filled hollow-core fiber. A noncollinear geometry will be exploited to achieve millijoule level amplification of broadband infrared pulses in the 1200-1800 nm spectral range.

  •  Generation of few-optical-cycle UV pulses through soliton propagation in stretched hollow-core fibers

In this project, you will use a high-repetition rate (200 kHz) Ytterbium fiber laser to apply a state-of-the art method for the generation of sub-5fs UV pulses. You will exploit soliton propagation in a gas-filled hollow-core fiber leading to ultrabroadband dispersive wave emission (DWE) in the ultraviolet.

  •  Soft-x rays generation and characterization via high-harmonic generation in the water window

In this project, you will apply the technique of high-harmonic generation (HHG) to produce photons with energies covering the ‘water window’, i.e. between 284 and 543 eV. In this energy range, carbon- and nitrogen-based molecules absorb light more efficiently than water. This new light source will be used for time-resolved spectroscopy of bio-relevant molecules in the liquid phase.

  •  Ultrashort pulses generation through spectral broadening in molecular gases

In this project you will apply an emerging technique for the generation of ultrabroadband infrared pulses that employs the concept of Multidimensional solitary states (MDSS). Compared to the use of atomic gases generally employed for this purpose, the spectral broadening is enhanced by exploiting the rotational degrees of freedom of the molecular gas.


         Want to know more about these projects? Do not hesitate to contact:

         Prof. Dr. Francesca Calegari
         Dr. Andrea Trabattoni      
         Dr. Vincent Wanie