The group FS-ATTO is looking for highly motivated and talented persons to join our group. We offer positions at many levels of research careers, from bachelor projects to postdoctoral positions, any spontaneous application is welcome.

Every ATTOier is involved in an exciting and enjoyable scientific environment and encouraged to contribute with new ideas and smart solutions independently on her/his level of career. Our group is a good representer of the high-level, international and transversal environment provided and stimulated by the Centre of Free-Electron Science (CFEL) and, more generally, by the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) and Universität Hamburg.

PhD Positions

  • Time-resolved attosecond chronoscopy of electron dynamics in water clusters

    Joint PhD position opening at ETH-Zurich and DESY-Hamburg

    Apply until 31st January, 2021! Read more (PDF, 455KB)

    For further information please contact Prof. Francesca Calegari.

Postdoc Positions