23rd European Conference on the Dynamics of Molecular Systems

06 September 2022

Lorenzo Pratolli joins the group

15 August 2022

Welcome Lorenzo!

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In situ characterization of few-femtosecond laser pulses by learning from first-principles calculations

11 August 2022

Sabine Rockenstein joins the group

01 August 2022

Welcome Sabine!

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Summer students 2022

19 July 2022

Jassim Al-Nuwaider joins the group

01 July 2022

Welcome Jassim!

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Unravelling and manipulating the photo-induced electronic and vibrational dynamics of adenine

03 June 2022

Md Sabbir Ahsan joins the group

16 May 2022

Welcome Sabbir!

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Generation of bright soft X-ray pulses to watch ultrafast spin dynamics at the nanoscale

21 April 2022

A new chairperson for the PIER Executive Board

23 February 2022

Junior professorship for Andrea Trabattoni

18 February 2022

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Tatiana Velmatova joins the group

16 February 2022

Welcome Tatiana!

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Free-electron laser reveals the ultrafast dynamics of photoexcited molecules

13 January 2022

Agata Azzolin joins the group

03 November 2021

Welcome Agata!

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Gaia Giovannetti has been awarded the Best Poster Prize at the AttoChem 2nd Annual Meeting

26 October 2021

Gaia Giovannetti from the CFEL-ATTO group in DESY, Hamburg has been awarded the First Prize for the presentation of her poster, entitled "A table-top Soft X-ray beamline for transient absorption experiments in liquid phase". Congratulations, Gaia!

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CFEL-ATTO receives funding through PIER Seed Projects

19 October 2021

Vincent Wanie from the CFEL-ATTO group has been selected by the Partnership for Innovation, Education and Research (PIER) to fund a project titled ‘HIGH-repetition-rate ultraviolet beamLine for hIGH-statistics spectroscopy at the few-femtosecond Timescale [HIGHLIGHT]’.

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Marc Seitz joins the group

15 October 2021

Welcome Marc!

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The 2nd Annual Workshop of the COST Action AttoChem

13 October 2021

Guangyu Fan joins the group

05 May 2021

Welcome Guangyu!

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Real-time observation of a correlation-driven sub 3 fs charge migration in ionised adenine

20 May 2021

Our group (CFEL-ATTO) with the key participation of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPSD) has demonstrated that ultrashort laser pulses can be used to protect one of the DNA building blocks against destruction induced by vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation. We unveiled that a second laser flash in the infrared, timed shortly (only a few millionths of billions of a second) after the first VUV flash, prevented the adenine molecule to disintegrate, therefore stabilising it. We presents our work in the journal Communications Chemistry published by Nature publishing group.

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HELIOS Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School

19 January 2021

On January 19th we had our virtual launch event with talks on instrumentation challenges in atomic, laser, particle and nano-bio physics. Our first cohort of PhD students gave interesting and engaging presentations about their projects. We are proud to have assembled such a talented and multi-disciplinary team, which will further grow over the coming years.

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