Winter Semester 2018/2019

Ultrafast Optical Physics I - Part II

Lecture notes

The lecture notes of the course Ultrafast Optical Physics I -  Part II held by Prof. Francesca Calegari at the University of Hamburg during the Winter Semester 2018/2019 can be found here. The file will be updated during the course.


Course schedule


6. Optical Pulse Metrology
6.1 Time-resolved measurement
6.2 Intrinsically fast detectors
6.3 Autocorrelation methods


6. Optical Pulse Metrology 
6.4 Frequency Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) 
6.5 Spectral Phase Interferometry 


7. Short pulses at non-standard frequencies 
7.1 THz pulses 


7. Short pulses at non-standard frequencies 
7.2 XUV pulses from High-order Harmonic Generation (HHG)