Attosecond Science

Real time observation of electron dynamics in matter

We develop advanced attosecond technologies to investigate the light-activated dynamics of matter with extreme time resolution. In particular, the main goal of our research is to track and ideally control the electronic motion in systems of increasing complexity, from simple molecules to biochemically relevant molecules and nanoparticles.

Recent highlights

Controlled strong-field ionization in Lithium Niobate

10 July 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group collaborated in experiments aimed at controlling the ionization of LiNbO3 with strong-field lasers, gaining new insights on the role of microscopic material properties in this fundamental process through femtosecond laser-ablation, a technique often employed in high-resolution micromachining of materials.

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Record compression delivers ultra-short laser pulses

06 May 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group collaborated in an experiment to compress a high-average-power laser’s high-energy pulses from 1.2 ps down to 13 fs duration, opening up new possibilities for ultrafast physics and plasma acceleration.

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Francesca Calegari vice-chairs a new international network on Attosecond Chemistry

17 February 2020

Francesca Calegari leading scientist at DESY and professor at the Universität Hamburg is vice chair of a new EU-funded international network on attosecond chemistry.

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Francesca Calegari is German co-spokesperson of the HELIOS international graduate school

07 February 2020

Francesca Calegari is German co-spokesperson of the new “Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School” (HELIOS).

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Francesca Calegari elected OSA Fellow

05 November 2019

Our group leader Francesca Calegari was elected as a Fellow Member to the Optical Society (OSA) 2020 Fellows Class by the Society's Board of Directors. Francesca is being honoured specifically “for major contributions to attosecond science”.

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