Attosecond Science

Real time observation of electron dynamics in matter

We develop advanced attosecond technologies to investigate the light-activated dynamics of matter with extreme time resolution. In particular, the main goal of our research is to track and ideally control the electronic motion in systems of increasing complexity, from simple molecules to biochemically relevant molecules and nanoparticles.

Recent highlights

New publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

14 September 2018

Attosecond Pump–Probe Spectroscopy of Charge Dynamics in Tryptophan

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Conference prize for Francesca Calegari

30 August 2018

Congratulations Francesca!

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Poster prize for Andrea Trabattoni

30 August 2018

Congratulations Andrea!

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New publication in La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento

29 August 2018

Attosecond spectroscopy of bio-chemically relevant molecules

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