Andrea Trabattoni became Helmholtz Young Investigator

06 November 2020

Our team leader Andrea Trabattoni was awarded the Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups Program. Andrea will create a new team within our group and study the photo-induced electron dynamics involved in nuclear transitions.

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The CFEL-ATTO group will host Dr. Caterina Vozzi

20 October 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group will have the pleasure to host Dr. Caterina Vozzi in the framework of this year’s Mildred Dresselhaus prize. Dr. Vozzi will be visiting the group for a period of 5 months in 2021 to work on attosecond x-ray spectroscopy beyond the state-of-the-art for the study of ultrafast charge dynamics in molecules of biological interest.

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Controlled strong-field ionization in Lithium Niobate

10 July 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group collaborated in experiments aimed at controlling the ionization of LiNbO3 with strong-field lasers, gaining new insights on the role of microscopic material properties in this fundamental process through femtosecond laser-ablation, a technique often employed in high-resolution micromachining of materials.

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Record compression delivers ultra-short laser pulses

06 May 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group collaborated in an experiment to compress a high-average-power laser’s high-energy pulses from 1.2 ps down to 13 fs duration, opening up new possibilities for ultrafast physics and plasma acceleration.

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Francesca Calegari vice-chairs a new international network on Attosecond Chemistry

17 February 2020

Francesca Calegari leading scientist at DESY and professor at the Universität Hamburg is vice chair of a new EU-funded international network on attosecond chemistry.

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Francesca Calegari is German co-spokesperson of the HELIOS international graduate school

07 February 2020

Francesca Calegari is German co-spokesperson of the new “Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School” (HELIOS).

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