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Guangyu Fan joins the group

05 May 2021

Welcome Guangyu!

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Real-time observation of a correlation-driven sub 3 fs charge migration in ionised adenine

20 May 2021

Our group (CFEL-ATTO) with the key participation of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPSD) has demonstrated that ultrashort laser pulses can be used to protect one of the DNA building blocks against destruction induced by vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation. We unveiled that a second laser flash in the infrared, timed shortly (only a few millionths of billions of a second) after the first VUV flash, prevented the adenine molecule to disintegrate, therefore stabilising it. We presents our work in the journal Communications Chemistry published by Nature publishing group.

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HELIOS Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School

19 January 2021

On January 19th we had our virtual launch event with talks on instrumentation challenges in atomic, laser, particle and nano-bio physics. Our first cohort of PhD students gave interesting and engaging presentations about their projects. We are proud to have assembled such a talented and multi-disciplinary team, which will further grow over the coming years.

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Andrea Trabattoni became Helmholtz Young Investigator

06 November 2020

Our team leader Andrea Trabattoni was awarded the Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups Program. Andrea will create a new team within our group and study the photo-induced electron dynamics involved in nuclear transitions.

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The CFEL-ATTO group will host Dr. Caterina Vozzi

20 October 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group will have the pleasure to host Dr. Caterina Vozzi in the framework of this year’s Mildred Dresselhaus prize. Dr. Vozzi will be visiting the group for a period of 5 months in 2021 to work on attosecond x-ray spectroscopy beyond the state-of-the-art for the study of ultrafast charge dynamics in molecules of biological interest.

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Controlled strong-field ionization in Lithium Niobate

10 July 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group collaborated in experiments aimed at controlling the ionization of LiNbO3 with strong-field lasers, gaining new insights on the role of microscopic material properties in this fundamental process through femtosecond laser-ablation, a technique often employed in high-resolution micromachining of materials.

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Record compression delivers ultra-short laser pulses

06 May 2020

The CFEL-ATTO group collaborated in an experiment to compress a high-average-power laser’s high-energy pulses from 1.2 ps down to 13 fs duration, opening up new possibilities for ultrafast physics and plasma acceleration.

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Francesca Calegari vice-chairs a new international network on Attosecond Chemistry

17 February 2020

Francesca Calegari leading scientist at DESY and professor at the Universität Hamburg is vice chair of a new EU-funded international network on attosecond chemistry.

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Francesca Calegari is German co-spokesperson of the HELIOS international graduate school

07 February 2020

Francesca Calegari is German co-spokesperson of the new “Helmholtz-Lund International Graduate School” (HELIOS).

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Francesca Calegari elected OSA Fellow

05 November 2019

Our group leader Francesca Calegari was elected as a Fellow Member to the Optical Society (OSA) 2020 Fellows Class by the Society's Board of Directors. Francesca is being honoured specifically “for major contributions to attosecond science”.

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New joint laboratory project with CNR-IFN

08 July 2019

CFEL-ATTO starts a collaboration with CNR-IFN for a joint laboratory project to study the ultrafast charge dynamics in molecules of biological relevance.

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CFEL-ATTO joins the SFB925

01 July 2019

Charge migration in photo-ionized aromatic amino acids

01 April 2019

New publication in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A

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Researchers generate the shortest ultraviolet laser pulse ever

15 March 2019

New publication in Optics Letters from our group

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New publication in Nature Review Physics

19 February 2019

Seven scientists share their views on some of the latest developments in attosecond science and X-ray free electron lasers (XFELs) and highlight exciting new directions.

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New publication in Nature Photonics

25 January 2019

Double-blind holography of attosecond pulses

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Francesca Calegari interviewed

12 December 2018

Nobel Prize technique lies at the heart of the CUI research

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New publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

25 September 2018

Ultrafast Hydrogen Migration in Photoionized Glycine

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New publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

14 September 2018

Attosecond Pump–Probe Spectroscopy of Charge Dynamics in Tryptophan

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Conference prize for Francesca Calegari

30 August 2018

Congratulations Francesca!

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Poster prize for Andrea Trabattoni

30 August 2018

Congratulations Andrea!

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New publication in La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento

29 August 2018

Attosecond spectroscopy of bio-chemically relevant molecules

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Francesca Calegari received the ICO prize of the International Commission for Optics

18 October 2017

Francesca Calegari has been recently awarded the prestigious ICO Prize 2017 of the International Commission for Optics (ICO) “for her innovative and pioneering research on the generation of isolated XUV attosecond pulses at the nJ-energy level and their application to the study of the electron dynamics in complex molecules”.

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